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If you are looking for Garden Furniture outside the UK, Fenetti our sister company ships directly to Germany as well as all over Europe. Whether you are looking for Garden Furniture for a Holiday home, Business or if you are a German resident; Fenetti can provide an exclusive range of outdoor furniture that requires no maintenance and can be left outside year-round. Outside of our ranges you will find a range of other garden essentials on our website including scatter cushions, storage boxes, covers for our furniture and a range of parasols. The products come in many ranges and colours to suit whichever aesthetic you desire to help you complete your dream garden.

Those visiting Germany can visit some of its many attractions as Germany is a country with a long-standing history and many of its key historical landmarks are still standing today. The Reichstag Building is Berlin’s Parliament building which was restored after the Second World War which can be partnered with a trip to the Berlin Wall, in the same city.

The Marienplatz is the centrepiece of Munich which dates back as far as 1158 however Munich’s most well-known Tourist attraction would have to be Oktoberfest despite only taking place once a year over the span of sixteen to eighteen days. The Mercedes-Benz Museum is a must see for car enthusiasts.

Cologne is the home of perhaps Germany’s most famous religious structure, the Cologne Cathedral, which before its completion was under construction for over 500 years. If you are in fact heading to the south of Germany you may want to take a trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle near Füssen.

This 19th century palace looks as if it is straight from a fairy tale and was commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria as a retreat and in honour of Richard Wagner and those visiting can get Audio tours in a range of languages.

The city of Leipzig hosts the oldest public zoo in all the world as well as an astonishing “Monument to the Battle of Nations” which stands at an impressive 91 meters in height and was built to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon’s French army at Leipzig. These attractions along with many others can be found throughout the country so wherever you are in Germany you will be spoilt for tourist attractions.